Is Knowing Self-Defense Important?

March 5th, 2010

If you are like most people, you are not quite familiar with basic self-defense skills.

Most of us live our lives without the slightest concern of learning how to protect you and your family because we live in a safe neighborhood, or your spouse can protect you.

In A Perfect World, We Don’t Need To Know Self-Defense

But, we don’t live in a perfect world…

This is why we believe it is important that everyone has an understanding and basic training in self-defense.

It’s not uncommon to experience a mugging at your local grocery store, an assault in your neighborhood, or  feel threatened by an unusual person while going to the gym.  These are all common locations that one may need to defend themselves.

All it takes is being off your guard.  Not being aware of your surrounding.  And being too scared and freezing to be a victim.

Many of us will say “well, that won’t ever happen to me.”

Are you willing to bet those words on Vegas odds?  I think not because you don’t know.

Here’s the point.  There is no guarantee you and your family will always be safe.  However, learning Self-Defense will give you a fighting chance to not only protect yourself, but also the necessary confidence that comes with it.

The Dojo of Karate is the only Martial Arts school in Colorado that is teaching the new Self-Defense Black Belt Program.  Meaning, this is an elite program that is designed for the common, working man, or stay-at-home mom.

It is reality-based self-defense that will teach you proper striking techniques, pressure points, and confidence to do whatever it takes to fight back.  It’s easy to learn, and almost anyone can learn our curriculum in 3-4 months.

Are you interested in actually learning how to protect yourself?

The longer you wait, the more likely you can become another statistic.

One last note… The Dojo of Karate is conveniently located in Westminster. We service residents in the Broomfield, Westminster, Thornton, and Denver area.

Call 303.920.4500 to learn more about the Self-Defense Black Belt Program or email us at: [email protected]

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Broomfield Adult Self Defense, part 3

February 26th, 2010

We’ve covered the major topics about training in the Self-Defense Black Belt Program, and now we are going to finish it off with… knowledge.

If you have knowledge of how your attacker thinks, than you will be one-step ahead of them if you are threatened to protect yourself.


Most attackers are not well trained fighters.

Meaning they do not know how to properly fight or defend themselves.   Self-defense is a skill that is learned, not just acquired.

Next, in the Self-Defense Black Belt Program, you learn what an attackers intention are throughout the process.  Basically, all attackers are looking to get leverage, especially against smaller women.  Once they’ve gained leverage, they can control the situation.

In the Self-Defense Black Belt Program, you are taught how to control your body, and not give them leverage.  It’s as simple as a grab, shift of the hips, placement of the hands, etc.  Whatever the case, we train you to react the proper way.

We also give you tips how to avoid situations.

For instance, don’t park in a dark ally.  Or, put your phone in your or pocket late at night.  If you’re texting, you’re distracted.  Keep your head up at all times and pay attention to your surroundings.  If it looks sketchy, take a different path, or find a group of people walking in your direction.

So, now that you’ve learned some basic knowledge about self-defense and how an attacker thinks, you should take the next step… try out the Self-Defense Black Belt Program.

We let all adults try one FREE class to make sure our program is a fit for their needs.  And, since we are conveniently serving residents in Broomfield, Westminster, and Thornton, you are bound to meet some new people too.

Plus, we have a 30-Day Guarantee.  So, during your first 30 days of training at The Dojo of Karate, you are not completely satisfied, you may cancel your membership with no further obligations.  How easy is that!

To learn more call 303.920.4500 or email us at: [email protected].

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Broomfield Adult Self-Defense, part 2

February 19th, 2010

Last time we talked how The Dojo of Karate’s Adult Self-Defense program can give you the necessary confidence in order to protect yourself in practically any given situation.

Now, we move on to a different topic.

Self-Defense Black Belt Program Will Increase Your Fitness & Conditioning

We get this all the time…

“I want to learn real self-defense, but also get a great workout so I can increase fitness & conditioning.”


“Staying physically active is really important to me, so doing activities as a cross-training exercise would be ideal.”

“Well, you’ve come to the right!” is what we typically reply with.

See, in our Self Defense Black Belt Program, you will not only learn reality based self protection moves, techniques, and training, but also increase your fitness level.  It’s inevitable…

When you begin to learn a certain series of attacking moves and strikes, we than increase the intensity when you work on a free standing bag, or focus mitts.  This not only trains you to go hard, but also to push yourself because in every self-defense situation, you will have to fight harder.

In addition, we do “burnout” during each class.  This basically requires you to execute a certain drill as fast and hard as you can for small bursts of time.  This will really increase you conditioning.

Finally, all Adult Self-Defense students have free, full access, to our Fitness KickBoxing to compliment their training and practice certain techniques they use in their self-defense class.

So what are you waiting for?

Join the Self-Defense Black Belt Program and build a better you!  We are servicing residents in the Broomfield, Westminster, and Thornton area, so it’s an easy drive from Denver or Boulder.

Call 303.920.4500 or email us at: [email protected] to setup an appointment.

Martial Arts Bo Staff Training

December 17th, 2009

Many students at The Dojo of Karate have made the commitment of joining our Black Belt Club – an elite program for students looking to earn their Black Belt. These students help encourage each other, and are put on a path that will assist them in meeting their goals.

The nice thing about training at The Dojo of Karate and being apart of our Black Belt Club, is that our students are learning goal setting skills, perseverance, and determination — while training in Karate.

They are also allowed to start using one of our weapons, the Bo Staff. The Bo Staff is a traditional Okinawan weapon used to carry buckets of water in one’s village.

Now, students at The Dojo are learning how to use them as a way of self-defense, and working together with others.

Broomfield Adult Karate

December 16th, 2009

The Dojo of Karate has one of the best Adult Traditional Japanese Karate and Modern Fitness classes in Colorado.

All classes are taught by 3rd Degree Black Belt and World Champion Javier Lozano, Jr, guaranteeing the highest quality of instruction.

You will learn the traditional Japanese art of Wado-Ryu Karate-Do, 1 of 4 major styles that Japan has recognized as ‘true Karate’.

During our Adult Karate class, you will work on developing your strength, flexibility, and building lean muscle through various workouts and exercisses.  At the beginning of each class, we typically work on a variety of push ups and sit-ups to help spice up normal exercises.

From there you would self defense skills by executing punching, kicking, and blocking combinations.  This begins to enhance your muscle memory, and gets both hemispheres of the brain to communicate with each other — allowing you to function at a higher level of performance during class and in normal day-to-day tasks.

You will also begin to develop a stronger core through kicking, balance and coordination drills, and exercises that require the entire body to be stable.

More importantly, you will begin to gain confidence in yourself.  You will have the confidence to go for that new promotion, or how to defend yourself.

To signup for 1 FREE introductory class call: 303.920.4500 or visit us at: