2nd Annual – The Dojo of Karate Championships

February 1st, 2011

Inner School Karate Tournament Rules

Please remember we are enforcing The Dojo of Karate Etiquette’s to all participants and spectators. If you have any questions, please refer to your copy handed out last week during classes.

The goal of this tournament is to teach our kids the importance of Sportsmanship, Determination, Integrity, Respect, and the Competitive Spirit of Sport Karate.

With that said, we want to lead by example so Karate students behave the way a true martial artist should behave – with integrity.

Competition Times

The tournament will take place on Saturday, February 5th at The Dojo of Karate.

Please arrive about 15 minutes before your start times.

Competitors that are in the Lil’ Ninjas – Beginners and Advanced programs and competitors in the Children Beginners program (White and Gold belts) will participate from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM.

Competitors that are in the Children Intermediate program and Children Advanced program (Orange to Brown belts) will participate from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

All competitors will compete in their Forms and Weapons division first, followed by the Sparring or Bunny Ears divisions.


To make this tournament operate smoothly, we will need approximately 12-16 volunteers to help judge competitors, keep score, and run times in the Forms, Weapons, and Sparring divisions.

Even if you do not know what to look for in a competitor’s performance or how to keep score, we will teach you.  It’s very simple to follow and understand.

Volunteer training will take place on Friday, February 4th at 6:00 PM.  So, if you put yourself down to volunteer, please be here no later then 6:00 PM.

We will teach you how to judge a Forms or Weapons performance and how to call points in sparring matches.

Note: If you attend your child’s Karate classes on a regular basis, then you will understand on how to be a judge.

Forms & Weapons Competition

Competitors will perform a Kata that has been taught to them in class, in front of a panel of 3 judges. Each judge will then give a score based on the competitors’ performance. The score will be added up, and the competitors with the three highest accumulated score will receive one of the following places: 1st place, 2nd place, or 3rd place. All other competitors that do not receive a placing will get a Finalist Medal.

Sparring Competition

We are operating our sparring competition like a “Spar-A-Thon”, meaning students will spar for approximately 2 hours, accumulating points throughout every match. They will have a chance to fight between 8 and 12 matches throughout the day… maybe even more.

Matches run for 1 continuous minute, while competitors score as many points as possible during each match. Points will be tallied on their index card where they will accumulate points throughout the Spar-A-Thon.

At the end of the tournament, competitors will turn in their index card to be rewarded a medal for achieving certain milestones.

To earn a medal competitors must reach the following point totals.

Gold Medal – 35 points
Silver Medal – 25 points
Bronze Medal – 15 points
Finalist Medal – 14 points or less

NOTE: The person that scores the most points in the tournament will win the Grand Champion Trophy.

This sparring competition format teaches each competitor the importance of setting goals and working towards achieving them. It will also help develop their confidence and determination.

Bunny Ears Competition

Students that are in the Lil’ Ninjas Beginners program or Children Beginners program will compete in a Bunny Ears competition.

The format is nearly the same as sparring. For each time a competitor pulls another competitors bunny ear (belt loop) they achieve a point.

Matches go on for 1 continuous minute, while points are tallied up during their entire competition. At the end of the tournament, competitors will turn in their index card and receive a medal for the amount of points scored in their competition.

Below are the following points a competitor must score to achieve a medal:

Gold Medal – 30 points
Silver Medal – 20 points
Bronze Medal – 10 points
Finalist Medal – 9 points or less

We are looking forward to all students competing in the 2nd Annual – The Dojo of Karate Championships.

Best of luck to all competitors.

Do You Know The Difference Between Fighting and Self Defense?

January 27th, 2011

Martial Arts And The Fundamentals Of Self-Defense

Studies show that a struggling economy yields a higher incident rate of violent crime and general lawlessness. That means you may be more likely to find yourself in a potentially dangerous or violent circumstance.  A lot of martial arts students believe their training will give them an edge during such confrontations. In truth, it does. But not in the way many students believe.

The Mental Game Of Self-Defense

Suppose an attacker is coming toward you. Your instinct is to protect yourself. If you have studied karate or similar styles, you might be tempted to respond physically. Doing so can result in injury or worse, in the event that you overreact and cause excessive harm to your attacker. This is the reason it is critical that you are mentally prepared to respond appropriately to a confrontation.

Mindset plays a key role in safety during a potentially dangerous situation. Too often your emotions can get in the way.  This can cause the manner in which you process your circumstances to represent the largest potential threat to your safety.

Understanding The Danger Of Emotions

Anger and fear do more to escalate a confrontation than any other response. Emotions are the antithesis of logic.  It’s worth noting that few crimes of aggression (i.e. robbery, vandalism, etc.) are done with the goal of fighting. When someone robs you, they seldom want to fight. Martial arts students, prompted by fear or pride, will often react physically to an aggressive crime, which escalates the threat. It prompts a violent response from the robber or would-be attacker.

The Difference Between Fighting And Self-Defense

People fight for many reasons, though most of them can be categorized according to two primary triggers: to attain something or protect something. This can extend to private property, self-esteem, pride, or a sense of honor. These things have nothing to do with protecting yourself from physical harm.

Self-defense represents any action you take in order to protect your person. Many martial arts schools unwittingly encourage their students to use the style they are learning to “protect themselves” from criminals. There is a fine line between defending yourself from physical harm and fighting.

A Constructive Response To A Threat Of Violence

Shed your fear and anger. A threat of violence does not actually represent violence. Reacting to the threat because you are fearful or angry can lead to injury.  Don’t challenge the attacker unless it is likely that you are going to be harmed. If they are demanding your wallet, give it to them. If they want your car, provide the keys. Regardless of how accomplished you are in martial arts,  it is a rare situation that justifies using your martial arts as self-defense.
Lastly, provide your attacker with an exit strategy. If they feel cornered with no way out, they will react violently.

There is a time and place for using martial arts as a tool for self-defense. However, the key to remaining safe in potentially violent circumstances is to recognize that such occasions are rare.

November/December Martial Arts Newsletter – 2010

November 16th, 2010

Colorado’s cold Fall snaps started a bit later then we typically expect, which could mean one of two things… 1) we got lucky and enjoyed a few extra weeks of shorts, t-shirts, and sandals weather, or 2) we are going to get pounded with some snowstorms this year!

Personally, I wouldn’t mind the latter because that means more days will be spent snowboarding on the weekends.

With that said, The Dojo of Karate has never really established a snow closure policy, and with good reason.  Many of our students live less then 3 miles from our facility, and by the time night falls, the snow has melted or been plowed from earlier that day.  All we say is do not use the “school reports” from news stations as your guide to see if we will be closed.

There could be some days that The Dojo of Karate closes early or all evening due to severe snowstorms, and this is mainly to keep all of our students and their family members safe.

If there happens to be a school closure, please call The Dojo of Karate and the voicemail will give you an update, or simply check your email inbox, as Mr. Lozano will more then likely send out a student wide email.

New Holiday Class Schedule

After many thoughts about how to handle Holiday closures for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years for The Dojo of Karate, we’ve decided to come up with a Holiday Class Schedule that will go into effect immediately starting this Thanksgiving, and followed by Christmas and New Years.

This has been designed to prevent low class attendance during Holidays where families take time off to travel and/or slow down their lives a bit.  And, this allows Mr. Lozano to be more productive with his classes.

In addition, students will still be able to attend two classes during that week.

Keep in mind that if you miss classes, we simply request you make up your classes by attending a few extra classes the week before and/or the week after your vacation.  That way you will be able to stay on track for your testing.

Thanksgiving Week

Open on Monday & Tuesday, November 22nd and 23rd.  Closed on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, November 24th, 25th, and 26th.

Monday and Tuesday Classes will be offered at the same time slots.

4:30 PM – Lil’ Ninjas (all belt ranks)

5:30 PM – Kids Beginner / Intermediate (White through Green)

6:30 PM – Kids Advanced / Teens & Adults

8:00 PM Fitness Boot Camps

Christmas Week

Open on Monday & Tuesday, December 20th and 21st.  Closed on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, December 22nd, 23rd, and 24th.

Monday and Tuesday Classes will be offered at the same time slots.

4:30 PM – Lil’ Ninjas (all belt ranks)

5:30 PM – Kids Beginner / Intermediate

6:30 PM – Kids Advanced / Teens & Adults

8:00 PM Fitness Boot Camps

News Years Eve Week

Open on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, December 27th, 28th, and 29th.  Closed Thursday and Friday, December 30th and 31st.

All classes will be offered at the normal schedule, unless noted otherwise.

Holiday Potluck, 2010

We finally found a location for the Holiday Potluck next month!

Due to our student and membership growth in all programs, we will be hosting our 2nd Annual Holiday Potluck off-site on Sunday, December 5th from 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM.

It will be held at the Cross Road Church, South Campus - located at the corner of 104th Avenue and Huron Street in Northglenn, CO.

We ask all families to bring a dish to share with everyone else, ranging from drinks, entrees, appetizers, side dishes, desserts, and more.

Mr. Lozano will provide plates, napkins, plastic utensils, and cups.

There will be a signup sheet,  so you can reserve your spot.  Let us know how many family members will attend, and to let everyone know what you plan on bringing.

Broomfield FISH Food Drive

We need your help!

As every year, we ask that you donate some canned foods or non-perishable items to the Broomfield FISH by dropping them off at The Dojo of Karate.

This way, families get to enjoy an opportunity of a true Thanksgiving dinner.

Last year we raised over 475 pounds of food for the Broomfield FISH, and we had less students.  This year we have over 100 students in our school, and don’t have nearly as much food as last year.

Our goal is to donate over 500 pounds of food… and we have some work to do.

We simply ask that you bring a grocery bag full of food so we can load up the truck and demonstrate our generosity as a community.

Belt Tests For November and December

The belt test for November will be held on Friday, November 19th at 5:00 PM.  As for next month it will be held on Friday, December 17th at 5:00 PM.

Again, since these next two months are cut short by the Holidays, please make up your classes accordingly, and attend stripe testing week, so children can stay on track to their testing.

The Dojo of Karate Joining Wado Guseiai USA

If you have not read the latest article about The Dojo of Karate expanding their status to become one of the best traditional Japanese Wado Karate schools in Colorado, please check out the latest Press Release about our school joining Guseikai.

8 Week Women Self-Defense Course

On Saturday, November 6th, The Dojo of Karate hosted a free women self-defense seminar, with 30 females in attendance.

Here are some of their responses from that 2 hour seminar.


This was a great way for women to get introduced to practical and effective self-defense that actually works.

Starting Tuesday, January 4th we will be launching an intensive 8 Week Women Self-Defense Course.  This course will be taught on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:10 PM to 7:55 PM.

All participants will learn essential skills, such as proper striking techniques, effective blocking techniques, and easy to perform and remember escapes from vulnerable positions.

If you are interested in participating in this program, we are offering a Special Introductory Price of 2 for 1, where you will be able to split the cost of the 8 week program with a friend.

To learn more, please checkout the link below or talk to Mr. Lozano.


Please, keep in mind, this 8 Week Women Self-Defense Course will be offered every 8 weeks, and therefore you can not start during the middle of the course.

In addition, we are capping the program to only 20 participants.  With that said, many women at the seminar expressed a lot of interest in enrolling for the 8 Week Women Self-Defense Course.

Things To Come In 2011

There are some great things to come in 2011, that The Dojo of Karate is extremely excited about.  We will let our members know as soon as they role out.

Some of them are policies and procedures, while others are physical changes to the school, as well school events.

But to give everyone a taste, we will be hosting another Board Breaking Seminar and Inner School Karate Tournament early next year.

Until Next Time!

The Dojo of Karate Joins Guseikai

October 26th, 2010

October 26th, 2010 – Westminster, CO — Recently, The Dojo of Karate & Fitness, a Westminster, CO based traditional Japanese Karate school was informed they will become a member of the US based Wado Guseikai USA.

Wado Guseikai USA is widely considered as one of the best US based Wado organizations that is directly affiliated with the JKF-Wado Kai (Japanese Karate-do Federation Wado Kai), the governing body for Wado Kai Karate.

Chief Instructor, Sensei Bob Nash is a 7th Dan Black Belt through the JKF-Wado Kai and operates the Wado Guseikai USA branch out of Seattle, Washington.  He is respectfully recognized throughout the United States, Europe and Australia as one of the top Wado Kai practitioners and teachers.

Sensei Nash currently trains under Dr. Hideho Takagi Sensei, 8th Dan Black Belt JKF-Wado Kai, who opened the first Guseikai dojo in Tokyo, Japan.

What Does This Mean?

The Dojo of Karate is the only Wado Kai Karate school associated with Wado Guseikai USA in the Denver Metro Area.  The only other school in Colorado apart of this organization is in Conifer, CO called Conifer Japanese Karate-Do with Sensei David Sasaki.

By joining Wado Guseikai USA, The Dojo of Karate will be apart of an international organization that is widely recognized as a top tier dojo throughout the United States.

The best way to look at this is… Wado Guseikai is to Ivy League Graduate School, while your local martial arts school is to Junior College in your state.  The standards are much higher, and the quality of instruction is much better.

This is not to undermine other martial art schools in the area, it simply means that obtaining a Black Belt at The Dojo of Karate will be much more challenging, yet once you achieve it, you know you are considered one of the best.

Benefits of Being a Member at The Dojo Of Karate

Students that become a member of The Dojo of Karate are essentially a member of Wado Guseikai USA.  With that said, Sensei Bob Nash will make periodic visits to host a Wado Kai Karate Seminar in Colorado in order to help improve students and elaborate a wealth of information and knowledge about Wado Karate.

In addition, students will have an opportunity to train in Tokyo, Japan with Takagi Sensei, at his dojo.  As mentioned before, Takagi Sensei is widely recognized as the best Wado Karate-ka in the world.

Lastly, any student that qualifies to test for their Shodan, 1st Degree Black Belt, if they pass, they will be recognized in Japan through the JKF-Wado Kai.  Their certificate will be signed by the current president of the JKF-Wado Kai and carry an official stamp that is recorded on the certificate and in a “book of Black Belts” to certify one’s Dan rank.

The Dojo of Karate Chief Instructor

Chief Instructor, Javier Lozano, Jr. owns and operates The Dojo of Karate & Fitness.  He is currently a 3rd Degree Black Belt through the U.S. Eastern Wado-Ryu Karate-Do Federation.  However, the JKF-Wado Kai does not recognize his current rank, therefore, he needed to train and retest for Shodan, 1st Degree Black Belt.

This is a humbling act for anyone, especially since Javier has 20 years of martial arts experience, as well as numerous accomplishments, including being a professional athlete in Sport Karate to winning a NASKA World Championship in fighting, to name a few.

Javier took the Shodan exam in Nashville, Tennessee on October 24th, 2010 and passed.

“This was probably one of the most difficult examinations I have ever taken in my martial arts career, due to the high demands that are required in becoming a Black Belt through Wado Guseikai USA.  I still have skills to improve, but this is simply a stepping stone to becoming better in Wado Kai Karate and allowing my students to grow and improve their skills too.  I plan on testing for my Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt) in May, 2011 back in Nashville, Tennessee.”

The pass rate for Dan examinations in Wado Guseikai USA is 50% — meaning only half of all participants past the test.  This time around, though, there was a 100% pass rate for the 1st time.  That was an amazing accomplishment by a group of 8 testers.

Are You Interested In Training In Wado Kai Karate?

Call The Dojo of Karate immediately and setup an appointment with Mr. Lozano so he can teach you some basic martial arts techniques.  You don’t necessarily need to have the immediate goal of becoming a Black Belt right now.  All you need is the willingness to learn traditional Wado Karate.  Everything else comes with time.  There is no obligation to tryout his program, and it gives an introduction to Karate.

Call 303.920.4500 today or contact him at: [email protected]

Colorado Spinach Salad

July 22nd, 2010

1 small bunch fresh spinach

12 dandelion leaves

½ cup pink sorrel leaves, loosely packed

1 apple, cored and cut into bite sized pieces

½ cup walnut halves

You may substitute appropriate fresh greens for the dandelion and sorrel leaves. Wash and de-stem spinach. Coarsely chop dandelion leaves, and tear spinach, then toss dandelion, sorrel and spinach together in a stainless steel bowl. Put aside in refrigerator to drain and cool. When drained, pour off excess water and add apple and pecans. Toss with dressing (see next section) and serve.

To learn more about our Fitness Boot Camp Programs in Broomfield / Westminster / Thornton, please visit us at: http://www.BroomfieldBootCamp.com