R.A.G.E. Karate Championship

June 28th, 2009

I never had the chance to post the results of my students competing at the R.A.G.E. Karate Championship in May, so now I’m gonna take a few minutes and let everyone know how they did.

We had a few students compete for the first time, and they did great for their 1st tourney.  I hope to see them go at it more often!!

Before we go on, some of my students were bumped up to the intermediate division, which is obviously a more challenging division, but for the most part, they did great.

  1. Cody R. competed for the 1st time and he got 3rd in forms and 4th in sparring.  He won his first fight, but seemed winded when he fought his 2nd and 3rd fights.
  2. Colby B. competed in his 2nd tournament of the year and got 4th in forms and 3rd in fighting.  He got injured during the match and was down too, but came back to win the match!
  3. Logan H. competed in his first tournament this year and got 5th in forms and a finalist in sparring.  Not bad for his 1st tourney.
  4. Mollee H. (Logan’s sister) got 4th in forms, and a finalist in sparring.  She had a tough match…
  5. Caleb D. was in the same division of Molle, and he got 3rd in forms and had a very tough match in sparring.  This girl had legs up to her chin and ended up winning the division.
  6. Madeline competed for the 1st time this year too and she was in a tough division, competing with intermediates.  She got 2nd in forms and was only 200th of a point away from tying for 1st place.  And she got 4th in sparring in a division of all boys… She was very impressive.
  7. Rosey C. competed again in forms and got 6th in forms.  Next time she will get to spar, as she is now eligible to spar in class.
  8. Nick P. competed again, and made some improvements by getting 3rd in forms and 3rd in sparring, with a great 2nd match.
  9. Luana L. also competed for the 2nd time this year and go 4th in forms and 2nd in sparring with an impressive 2nd match.

Great job guys!  You guys did awesome!!!

Next time follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/thedojo so you can get updated results of our students.

Students Compete In First Karate Tournament

March 30th, 2009

So last weekend, my students had the privledge of competing in their first Karate Tournament in Parker, CO — called the CKA Season Opener.

It was a great turnout, I had about 10 plus students compete in the Colorado Karate Association season opener, and my kids all had a blast.

We ended up meeting at The Dojo before all leaving to the tournament site.

So here is the list of competitors that represented The Dojo of Karate, with their placings in each division.

  • Mollee Hanson – 4th in Forms, Finalist in Fighting
  • Andrew Settergren – 1st in Forms, 1st inf Fighting, competed for Grand Champion Forms
  • Caleb Demaray – 7th in Forms, 4th in Fighting
  • Colby Bird – 3rd in Forms, 3rd in Fighting
  • Britney Torres – 4th in Forms, 5th in Fighting
  • Brandon Torres – 5th in Forms, 2nd in Fighting
  • Debbie Torres – 8th in Forms, Finalist in Fighting
  • Rosy Cobb – 6th in Forms
  • Nick Post – 6th in Forms, 2nd in Fighting
  • Luana Lee – 6th in Forms

For this being their first Karate tournament, in addition most of my students have not been sparing very long… less than 1 month to be exact, I thought all of my students did AWESOME!!!

I have several pictures that I will be posting shortly, including videos, but I need to get many of them emailed to me, so that I can edit them.

Otherwise, I would probably say the shining star for the day was Andrew.  Not only did he take 1st place in both his divisions, he got a bloody nose from getting hit too hard in the face.  But, he had a great attitude the entire time.  In addition, since he won 1st place in forms, he was eligable to compete for Grand Champion forms, which included ALL kids between the ages of 9 and 12 who got 1st in their division – such as Black Belts, weapon performances, muscial forms, and many other divisions.  Though he was sorta out of his league, I believe Andrew can be a very successful competitor if he keeps at it.

As for the rest of my students… I am very proud how well they did and couragous they were.  It takes a lot of courage and strength to step out into a ring and perform in front of judges, competitors, and spectatorts.  I’m sure they will only get better.

The next tournament is May 30th — R.A.G.E. Karate Championship in Parker, CO.

Go Team Dojo!

Karate Fight of The Week # 5

February 4th, 2009

This is the 2003 5,280 Challenge Karate Championship hosted in Denver, Colorado.

I believe this is my 2nd fight for the 18-34 year old Black Belt Men Heavy Weights. I don’t know who I was fighting, but I am the white fighter closest to the camera.

This fighting style you see from 2003 probably resembles my current style right now. And probably my most effective to be quite honest. I don’t do a whole lot of hand moving, rather pick my points by moving the body, and beating my opponents with speed.

Enjoy the fight! BTW, I ended up winning.

Karate Fight of The Week # 4

January 28th, 2009

This is the 5,280 Challenge Karate Championship, but in August 2003. I had been out of national tournament competition for a couple of years because college took a priority. I still competed randomly in local tournaments, and would train at Denver Karate Academy during my free time, but I didn’t have time to do serious training like before… which sucked…

Anyways, this fight is part of our Team Fights. A few days before, we just had a seminar with a friend of ours, World Champion Jadi Tention – one of the nations best fighters from NYC. We put together a team which he anchored as the last fighter, and I was the 2nd fighter. Our 1st fighter was a student named Dan who didn’t have much tournament competition experience, so we needed to make up points during the fight.

In this fight, I’m the white fighter, furthest from the camera. I started pretty strong, but ended up getting kinda tired due to my previous fights during the day. Overall, though, it was a good fight.

And, if you were wondering, we lost the fight. Don’t know how, but we believe it was local politics…

Karate Fight of The Week #3

January 22nd, 2009

So this is the 5280 Challenge Karate Championships. Denver Karate Academy use to host this annual tournament in Denver, Colorado — but after a few years and all the stress, they decided to stop hosting it. Anyways, I believe this is August 2001, and I was at my prime. Though, I still think I’m at my prime!!

I’m the white fighter closet to the camera.  My fighting style had slightly changed in this tournament, and I’m not sure if I’m a big fan…  either way, it worked because I won the match.