Fitness Boot Camp Challenge

March 31st, 2010

The Dojo of Karate and Fitness has started a Fitness Boot Camp Challenge for students, parents, and residents of Broomfield, Westminster, Thornton, and Erie, Colorado.

What that means is you will have the opportunity to earn a FREE month of training in our Fighting Fit2 Fitness Boot Camp Program, if you become one of the people that loses the most percentage of body weight in 30 days.

That’s right.  We’ll give you 1 FREE month of exercise and training in our proven fitness program…


There’s a catch…

You have to follow EXACTLY how our F2 Fitness Boot Camp Program is designed, including attending a minimum of 3 boot camp sessions per week, exercising on your own during off days, AND (the most important part) following our nutrition plan.

Sound to demanding?

How does losing 10 pounds or 1 dress size/pant size in 30 days sound to you?

How does feeling more confident about yourself sound to you?

How does having more energy sound to you?

How does having a healthier lifestyle sound to you?

All sound OK…?

Than, our Fitness Boot Camp Challenge should be easy… if you REALLY want it.

Here’s how it works.

Starting April 12th, we will offer 4 Fitness Boot Camp sessions per week: Mondays / Wednesdays at 5:30 AM and Tuesdays / Thursdays at 8:00 PM.

If you attend a minimum of 3 sessions week, than you get to stay in the race.

In addition, all boot campers will be required to follow our powerful, easy to comply, and uniquely designed nutrition guide.  Our nutrition plan has been created to help you lose those extra pounds because our motto here is:

“You Can’t Out Train A Bad Diet”

If you follow all of the nutrition plan, and journal them in our useful fitness and nutrition journal, AND you happen to be the person that loses the most weight in 30 days… You win a FREE month of fitness training.

Are you interested in signing up?

Click on the Buy Now button below, and you will be taken to a secure checkout page via PayPal.

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Westminster Health & Fitness Boot Camp Launches New Time Slot

March 30th, 2010

After high demands of incorporating an evening Fitness Boot Camp, The Dojo of Karate and Fitness will launch a new time slot starting in April 2010.

Fitness Boot Camp Instructor and Certified Personal Trainer, Javier Lozano, Jr. is the owner and Chief Instructor of The Dojo of Karate and Fitness. A premier martial arts and fitness school serving residents in the Westminster, Broomfield, and Thornton area.

“Many of the parents at our school have been requesting an evening Fitness Boot Camp, and we were just having trouble fitting it into the schedule” says Javier. “But we made a few adjustments, and were able to find a time slot.”

The new time slot will start on April 13th from 8:00pm to 8:45pm, and take place every Tuesdays and Thursdays for a 4 week session.

Their fitness program is called the Fighting Fit2 Boot Camp Fitness Program (TM), and it has been taking the country by storm.

Founder and National Director, Michael D. Massie is the creator of the F2 Fitness Boot Camp, and has been in the martial arts and fitness industry for over 25 years. He designed this boot camp with the mind-set of getting the best results in a short period of time.

What makes Fighting Fit2 Fitness Boot Camp (TM) so different from the others across the Denver Metro area?

Where do we start!

For starters, the F2 Fitness Boot Camp (TM) is taught by Javier Lozano, Jr., a former World Champion fighter and Certified Personal Trainer under AFAA. He has a solid understanding of how the muscles work, and what types of exercises will deliver results to help build lean and toned muscles. He has also trained in the martial arts for 20 years and continues to train regularly.

Under his watchful supervision, he coaches and encourages you from the beginning to the end, and takes a passion in helping you meet your fitness goals. Javier also uses an accountability system in all of his boot camps and demands only the best effort from everyone. But still encourages people to have fun.

The next thing that sets the F2 Fitness Boot Camp (TM) a notch ahead from other boot camps is their actual program.

They constantly use muscle confusion during every session. Meaning, their exercises are never the same, therefore the body can not adapt and plateau.

“Every time you come to class, we have a new workout” says Javier. “Even though it may be working the same muscle groups, the actual workout is different, and it can get other smaller muscle groups involved. Let’s face it, variety is the spice of life, and exercising is no different.”

Javier has incorporated exercises that use body-weight resistant, medicine balls, resistant bands, kettlebells, and sandbags, just to name a few.

By using all of these training tools, equipment, and more, boot campers never know what the next exercise will be.

They also use interval training during the cardio portion of their workouts. Basically, this involves you performing short bursts of exercises for a short period of time.

The beauty of interval training is that you will continue to burn calories 24-36 hours AFTER your workout.

However, probably the biggest difference that sets the Fighting Fit2 Fitness Boot Camp Program apart from the pack is their unique and powerful nutrition guide.

“Our motto is, ‘you can not out train a bad diet.’ I make sure to tell everyone that joins our boot camp to follow the guide because they will see results within 4 weeks. If they do not follow our nutrition plan, they will not see the results that others have experienced” says Javier.

The best part, they do not charge extra for the nutrition plan. This is apart of your membership when training in the F2 Fitness Boot Camp (TM)

Are you curious to see how great the Fighting Fit2 Fitness Boot Camp (TM) really is?

Javier allows everyone to try 1 free class before enrolling in a 4 week session. However, he highly recommends you signup for 3 sessions, or 12 weeks in order to get the results you desire.

To learn more about the F2 Fitness Boot Camp call The Dojo of Karate and Fitness at: 303.920.4500 or visit them at:

Broomfield Martial Arts School Hosts Free Adult Self-Defense Seminar

March 25th, 2010

Westminster, CO – March 24th, 2010 – Local Self-Defense and Fitness instructor, Javier Lozano, Jr. recently hosted a Free Adult Self-Defense seminar on Saturday, March 20th, 2010 to residents of Broomfield and Westminster.

Participants who attended the self-defense clinic ranged from parents who’s child currently train in The Dojo of Karate’s Children Martial Arts Program, to friends who are members of their Fitness KickBoxing Program and Self-Defense Black Belt Program offered at their main headquarters.

Martial Arts expert and Certified Self-Defense Instructor, Javier Lozano, Jr. is the owner and Master Instructor of The Dojo of Karate — a local Martial Arts and Fitness school serving the community of Broomfield, Westminster, and Thornton, CO.  Javier has been training in Karate for 20 years, currently holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt, and is a former World Champion fighter.

His expertise, knowledge, and ability to teach and relate the subject of self-defense to adults places him in a unique category, and allows his students to gain more knowledge and skills.

The two hour Self-Defense Workshop taught participants the importance of awareness, confidence, and proper striking and escape defenses.

Says Lozano, “the one part of self-defense that many people neglect and don’t really consider is awareness and confidence.  Victims are typically the one’s that are not completely aware of their surroundings, busy talking on their cell phones, or distracted by something else.”

Master Lozano also mentions that one’s confidence can really change a situation. “When someone is walking down the street with their chin up, shoulders back, and walking with a purpose, they usually stand out.  Those people are less likely to become the prey of an attacker because attackers are always looking for the easy target.”

After teaching the class about the importance of awareness and confidence, the class finally went into the ‘meat and potatoes’ of their training — striking, blocking, and escapes.

What made Mr. Lozano’s class extremely different from other self-defense seminars is that he didn’t teach students how to properly punch, rather, use other techniques that are more likely to prevent injury and create more damage to an opponent.

For instance, he emphasized how palm heel strikes can be more effective for women when defending themselves, as opposed to punches.  The reason is a palm heel strike to a male’s face is a better technique than a fist because most women have smaller hands and can break a bone quite easily.

Some of the other strikes students learned over the weekend included elbow strikes, hammer fist strikes, stomp kicks, roundhouse kicks, and side kicks.

Each of these techniques were performed on free standing heavy bags, allowing participants the opportunity to know how it feels to make contact with an object that can mimic a human opponent.

Once the students learned how to execute some major striking techniques, Mr. Lozano taught them two basic blocking moves that are practical during self-defense.  Students were than paired off with partners to practice the blocking techniques while their partner threw punches at them in a controlled format.

“The only way to learn how to defend yourself is to train in a reality-based setting where you have an attacker throwing a designated technique and the defender reacting to the attack with a certain block” says Lozano.  “This will develop your timing and confidence, while not getting injured.”

“But once you have developed the basic skills, our Self-Defense classes will add progression to your training, making each class more challenging and unique.”

Once the students developed their striking skills, the workshop shifted to Escape Defense, where participants learned how to escape from 4 common attacks: Wrist Grab, Bear Hug, Choke, and Mount (on the ground, while opponent is on top).

The escapes taught were easy to perform, simple to memorize, and flowed properly with the striking techniques students learned earlier during the session.

At the end of the two hour Self-Defense seminar, Master Instructor Javier Lozano discussed how attackers work in groups, and how confidence can play a major role by sharing a few stories that related to the seminar.

All of the participants felt the seminar was invaluable, and that they walked out with a wealth of information, yet not overwhelmed with what they learned.  More importantly, students left with the confidence to fight back if necessary.

“I tell all of my students, when they join our self-defense program, if they are ever confronted and need to protect themselves, I want them to walk out safe by using every means possible to fight off an attacker.  My student’s safety is more important to me than anything else.  And, if I can teach them how to properly protect themselves, even better.”

If you would like to learn more about The Dojo of Karate and their Adult Self-Defense program, please contact them at: 303.920.4500 and ask to speak with Javier Lozano, Jr.  He will be more than happy to assist you with your questions and concerns.

Age Is Just A Number When Learning Self-Defense

March 12th, 2010

I have this question come all the time when parents call my school regarding lessons for their children.

I start asking them questions about their interests and needs, and go on from there.  I’ll also mention we offer other programs for adults too.

Than, I hear a pause…

And the parent starts asking about our adult programs…

I go on to discuss a couple of options and always mention that we allow adults to try out 2 free classes in order to get a really good idea about our programs.

You Are NEVER Too Old To Learn Self-Defense

Why do I say that?

Here’s my theory.  If I’m learning that athletes, whom never competed in a Marathon or Triathlon are now training for these events at the age of 60, 70, 80 years old… than how can learning self-defense be any different.

If anything, the training will be less stressful to the body, and more empowering to the mind and soul.

There is this famous professional Football player that played in the NFL for quite a few years, and won a Heisman Trophy as a college athlete.  His name is Herschel Walker.

Some consider Herschel Walker as the purest, most gifted athlete to ever play sports — specifically football.

I won’t go into detail about his Football career, other than he was very accomplished when he decided to retire from the NFL.

What Does A 47 Year Old Adult Do With His Life?

Herschel Walker decided to take his training to the next level and started to learn the new sport that families, and young adults are talking about — Mixed Martial Arts.


Why not!

He’s competed is entire life… All he knows is competition… So, why not learn something new that he is able to compete against himself and other individuals, as opposed to a team sport.

Herschel Walker has been training in the Octagon for a few months now and recently had his first fight on January 31st, 2010.

Check out the video below

If you would like to read an article regarding Herschel Walker and his Mixed Martial Arts training, go to the link below.

We Teach Reality Based Self Defense

The Dojo of Karate is not a MMA or Mixed Martial Arts school.

We teach Integrative Martial Arts.  That means our self defense classes are not style specific, rather a combination of martial arts that simply work, get the job done, and is easy to learn.

Our training is extremely safe, and practically anyone can perform it.

To learn more about our Adult Self-Defense Program, click here.

So remember… Age Is Just A Number!

Until Next Time,


Broomfield Adult Self Defense, part 3

February 26th, 2010

We’ve covered the major topics about training in the Self-Defense Black Belt Program, and now we are going to finish it off with… knowledge.

If you have knowledge of how your attacker thinks, than you will be one-step ahead of them if you are threatened to protect yourself.


Most attackers are not well trained fighters.

Meaning they do not know how to properly fight or defend themselves.   Self-defense is a skill that is learned, not just acquired.

Next, in the Self-Defense Black Belt Program, you learn what an attackers intention are throughout the process.  Basically, all attackers are looking to get leverage, especially against smaller women.  Once they’ve gained leverage, they can control the situation.

In the Self-Defense Black Belt Program, you are taught how to control your body, and not give them leverage.  It’s as simple as a grab, shift of the hips, placement of the hands, etc.  Whatever the case, we train you to react the proper way.

We also give you tips how to avoid situations.

For instance, don’t park in a dark ally.  Or, put your phone in your or pocket late at night.  If you’re texting, you’re distracted.  Keep your head up at all times and pay attention to your surroundings.  If it looks sketchy, take a different path, or find a group of people walking in your direction.

So, now that you’ve learned some basic knowledge about self-defense and how an attacker thinks, you should take the next step… try out the Self-Defense Black Belt Program.

We let all adults try one FREE class to make sure our program is a fit for their needs.  And, since we are conveniently serving residents in Broomfield, Westminster, and Thornton, you are bound to meet some new people too.

Plus, we have a 30-Day Guarantee.  So, during your first 30 days of training at The Dojo of Karate, you are not completely satisfied, you may cancel your membership with no further obligations.  How easy is that!

To learn more call 303.920.4500 or email us at: [email protected].

Until Next Time!